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Recommended App: We the Girls+


So far, I've played through the Prologue and the first chapter of The Little Mermaid's story, and it's been amazing! I find The Little Mermaid's facial expressions hilarious, and the concept of multiple male and female protagonists is a fresh idea for the Shall we Date? series. The characters seem to be a tongue-in-cheek play on classic fairy tale princes and princesses, and each one is torn from their story and forced to live a modern-day working life in order to find their true love. 

Here are the basic descriptions of each female protagonist: 
The Little Mermaid - A naive girl who loves her new legs and high heels.
Snow White - A confident player who wants to experience many loves before finding her prince.
'Jasmine' - A cool beauty who loves her boyfriend above everything else

Overall, I whole-heartily recommend this new, free to play game from Ntt Solmare.
Shall we Date?: We the Girls+.